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॥ तन्नो धीशः प्रचोदयात् ॥

Seeking Sincere Seekers : When you want to get enlightened with the pure and undistorted vedic knowledge with dedication, you may enrol into Mahamudita under the direct guidance of Arun Singh KRANTI.

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Oriental Jyotiṣī, Supreme Life Coach, Vedāntin, Atharvā NLP Mastermind, MahāMuditā Dhāraṇā Sādhaka & NEO Guru.


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livesession | Chaitya Creator 1.6 [ Reality Creation with MAE VIDYĀ ]

Chaitya Creator 1.6 [ Reality Creation with MAE VIDYĀ ]



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digital-product | Youniversal Truths for Happy Beings [E-BOOK]


Youniversal Truths for Happy Beings [E-BOOK]



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course | Mantra Shastra [Mantraśāstra]

Mantra Shastra [Mantraśāstra]

5 modules

English + Hindi



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membership | Nitya Adhyetā [Membership]

Nitya Adhyetā [Membership]

Get access to exclusive content and member-only features.

18000.00 / yearly

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